As a professional painter and printmaker with 30 years of teaching experience from Postgraduate through to Primary School ‘Early Years’ level, I have a broad first-hand insight into art education.  This informs my approach when working in schools; I aim to make art accessible, enjoyable, ‘hands on‘ and to demystify it in a practical, logical way.   It excites me to see students gain new skills using a wide range of media and to feel confident enough to continue building on these skills for themselves.

“Both classes had high disruptive behavioural need, but during this project they were so engaged and focused that none of the school behaviour systems had to be used…they were thoroughly enjoying their learning and were so engrossed in what they were doing.”

“Heather was very organised, punctual, highly skilled and had good relationships with the children that she was working with.” 

Teacher Evaluation, Gainsborough School